Lloyd Carr
“I think that Brady, what he and his staff of that 2011 team did was really special. To win the first Sugar Bowl in our history, that’s special. To do it in his first year and to do it when maybe for some the expectations weren’t high, I think what it has done is create tremendous enthusiasm going forward. I know that it’s helped recruiting. I’m delighted for our program and our fans and our coaches and our players. It’s a great thing.”
Charles Woodson
“I knew him as one of our coaches and we had a good relationship – he was always a great guy. The one thing I knew once he got the job was that the kids were going to be getting someone that really cares about people. When you’ve got a guy like that, the kids will follow him. So it’s really good to have him.”
Anthony Thomas
“I knew eventually he would be back when he got the job at Ball State and then went out to San Diego. We knew that he would come back because he’s a Michigan guy. We support him 100 percent. We’re behind him all the way. We all expect good things for him. It’s a great start. We know that there’s room for improvement, but we know he’s the guy that’s going to do it. So I’m really looking forward to the season.”
John Navarre
“Obviously he exceeded everybody’s expectations in his first year. He coached really well when he was here and I was playing. I knew right away when he was hired that he was going to instill the tradition back to this school and this program. He understands it and gets it, so the sky is the limit for him. He’s doing a great job. He set the bar high and he’s going to keep exceeding it from here on.”
Jake Long
“We’re headed in the right direction. I’m so happy that we got Coach Hoke. He’s going to win a lot of games for us.”
Marcus Ray
“I love Brady Hoke. He was a player’s coach when I was there. His door was always open. I knew he was always going to be a great coach beyond being an assistant coach. You could see he was one of those guys that had it. He cared about players and that one day when he had his shot, he was going to make the most of it. I think being here for eight years the first time gave him a pretty strong coaching foundation and understanding of what it is like to be part of the greatest tradition in college football.”
Chris Perry
“Definitely I saw he had a lot of potential, but I was just a young kid at the time. He was just a big guy with a big mouth. He was the defensive line coach and you could always hear Coach Hoke making corrections and screaming. But you could also tell he was a great guy.”
Marlin Jackson
“He was always a good person. He was easy to talk to and very outgoing. I’m sure he’s still that same way with his players now. When you’re that way as a coach, your players trust you. All the players on the defense and just everyone, we trusted him. That’s what’s happening here now. The players trust him and have bought into his system because they can see he’s a genuine person. That’s who he’s always been.”
Steve Breaston
“Every time I see Coach Hoke, it’s all love. Even though we only had that one year overlap, he knows who I am and we talk – he always asks about my family. It’s great having him back and knowing what type of coach he is and what he’s done … it’s great to have that familiar face in front of the program. He knows everything about the school, the traditions, and he knows how to get the job done.”
Erik Campbell
“Brady’s done a great job. He’s been around the program before – we worked together for eight years, so I knew Brady would do a great job, because he knows what it’s all about. They’re definitely improving.”
Brian Griese
“What Coach Hoke brings to the table is hard work, dedication, accountability and I couldn’t be happier that he’s here. He was my defensive line coach when I was going to school here and he just understands and represents Michigan so well. And that’s what we need in that position.”

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