“I wasn’t one of the guys that visited the hospital regularly in college, but I knew about it,” he explained. “Lloyd [Carr] always made everyone aware of what he was doing and what he believed in … I became involved just a couple years ago by coming back to the event to support Brian and Steve, who started it. Like many other people, I was just touched by what was going on. I kind of had my own revelation and decided to make my own contribution. I’ve just been going strong with it ever since.”

Going into further detail, Woodson explained how his maturation over time led him to understand how important the cause was.

“I think I really just grew from not really knowing the real purpose of why I was there,” he stated. “We all go and say it’s to put a smile kids’ faces, but for me, I didn’t think that was enough. When I did it, it was kind of a going through the motions kind of thing. But then it clicked one day that I could do more to help and actually be a force to help the hospital, help those kid, help the families, the research scientists, nurses, doctors and the whole nine. That’s why I decided to get involved.”

With the charity event raising more than $1.6 million prior to its last day of activities, Woodson was floored by the level of success it has reached.

“I’m just really amazed,” he noted. “We’ve all been to charity events, whether it’s golf tournaments or whatever. If you make a hundred thousand dollars at that event, you’re head over heels overjoyed about the money you raised. To reach a million dollars in anything – I don’t even know how you describe that – that’s unbelievable. So for the people that come out and support it every year, continue to give their time for this cause, it’s truly something special and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

While the golf outing is geared toward raising money for the charity, Woodson explained it is also a fun way to reconnect with other former players who share a bond that stretches across generations.

“When you come to this university, you understand that this is Michigan,” he said. “It stands for something more than just football. Guys come back now, of course as part of the charity, but it’s also a reunion of sorts. It’s a chance for guys to reconnect from different generations or reconnect with guys from the team when you were here. It’s a chance to just come back and be part of the Michigan family. It’s bigger than football for us.”

If you are interested in helping the cause, you can donate by clicking here.


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