“Our relationship with the children at Mott Hospital goes back to when we were going to school here and visiting the kids pretty much every Thursday night,” noted former Wolverine quarterback Brian Griese. “That’s how it started and we got to know the professionalism of the superstar physicians that work up there. They really are some of the best in the country and what they do every single day is save lives. So it wasn’t hard for Charles, Steve and myself to put whatever kind of resources and energy and leverage that we had behind that to get as many guys as we could back for a reunion with a cause.

“There have been a lot of people on this team from the people in development at the hospital to Michigan Athletics, which has played a critical role in this, from Dave Brandon all the way down to the grounds crews … we had over 500 volunteers come out here over the course of the weekend, so it’s been really special. I think people really have enjoyed getting involved and being a small part of the process.”

While the event is dedicated to helping children through the Mott Hospital, Griese explained that reuniting with other past players is a huge bonus.

“That’s a big reason that we wanted to do this,” he stated. “We wanted two things. We wanted to help the hospital and we wanted to have a reunion for guys to come back. Rather than just hanging out and having a good time, we decided to do something positive to give back to the university and the kids. Those two things have worked really well and I think that’s why it’s grown so much.”

Helping out with Mott has become a tradition at Michigan that has grown over the years, with student athletes taking an active role in visiting the hospital.

“It’s part of being a Michigan student athlete,” said Griese. “It’s really ingrained in that culture. Honestly, I think it has certainly affected our lives … it’s not just football, but all the sports that go up there. It’s part of the job description and that’s what makes it special.

If you are interested in helping out, you can donate to the cause here.


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