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“I have offers from Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Western Michigan, Iowa, Cincinnati, Wisconsin and Notre Dame,” noted Drake. “It’s very overwhelming. Sometimes I can’t really take it in. People tell me it’s a big accomplishment for me to be a sophomore and receive so many offers from Division I schools.”

Realizing that it is still very early in the recruiting process, Drake has a group of teams he is looking at closely, but still feels that it is far too early to limit his options.

“I do not have any favorites, but some of the schools I like are Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Michigan and Alabama,” he stated. “They’re very big on leadership. The coaches strive for their athletes to be the best. All of the players that I’ve met from those schools are very humble. They’re very strong on their academics. And the tradition and fan bases are great.”

In June, Drake attended the Michigan summer camp, participating in the Wednesday afternoon session of activities. Reflecting back on that experience, he feels he gained positive lessons from that time in Ann Arbor.

“The Michigan camp was great,” he said. “I learned a lot of new ways to play my linebacker position. They helped me improve on what I need to do so I can go hard my upcoming season.”

In the past few years, Cass Tech has sent several football players to the University of Michigan. Among the former Technicians on the 2012 roster will be Terry Richardson, Royce Jenkins-Stone, Delonte Hollowell, Thomas Gordon and William Campbell. They will be joined in 2013 by two current verbal commitments, cornerback Jourdan Lewis and offensive lineman David Dawson.

Despite that history, Drake does not want the connection between Cass Tech and Michigan to play a role in his recruitment.

“I don’t think that will really affect me,” he explained. “I’ve thought about it and it sounds great, but I like to be an individual. Not an individual I guess, but with Michigan having all the Cass kids, I just want to overlook that. I just want to go somewhere that has the best fit, and not just have it be something where all the Cass Tech kids go there, so it must be easy.”

While the Michigan connection at Cass Tech may not play a role in steering Drake toward the Wolverines, the success of the high school in producing so many college players does provide value for young players receiving recruiting attention.

“They say to stay humble,” Drake noted of his former teammates. “They also say to keep working hard – never slow down. Never think that you’re the best and never think that you’ve accomplished your goal. Just keep going harder and keep putting in more effort.”

While the recruiting process has started very early for Drake, he explained that he is going to take his time and consider a variety of factors in making his college choice.

“I would like to take official visits before I make any decisions,” he stated. “Once I have my top colleges down and take those official visits, during my senior year I’ll make my decision.

“I’m looking for a college with good leadership – that’s important. What colleges produce into the NFL. Very strong on academics. A hard working team with loyalty.”


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