“I’m starting to get used to it because every camp I go to is like this,” he explained. “I sometimes think ‘why does everyone ask the same questions,’ but I also see a lot of schools taking interest in me, and once the schools start taking interest, the reporters start taking interest.”

McDowell was unable to participate in morning activities because of school, but felt that he performed well at the camp while he was there.

“I did good. I didn’t lose any. It was a real good performance for me,” he noted. “I learned a few moves. I knew how to get skinny, but they showed me how to do it better. I learned a new move from the Ohio State defensive coach.”

So far, McDowell has visited just Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. He provided his impressions from those three trips.

Michigan: “I went for the spring game … Michigan was real fun. All the coaches had their attention on me. I got to talk to all the coaches besides Brady Hoke. He was stuck talking to reporters.

“It was real fun. The crowd was real hyped. It wasn’t as big as a normal Big House game, but it was still fun.”

Michigan State: “I went up there for one of their practices. I saw that they work hard and everything. I got to talk to Will Gholston a little bit. The coach took me over there to the defensive linemen and I got to talk to all of them. Then I got to stay over there and watch them.”

Ohio State: “When I went up there, that was after the Nike Camp. I didn’t get to meet any of the coaches, because I don’t believe they were there. They didn’t know I was there at the time.

“We got to see the basketball court, the indoor football field, the outside practice field, the weight room, the lounge room and everything.”

While McDowell has taken a close up look at the three schools, he noted that it remains too early to make a fair comparison between them. He is also quick to point out that he has not come close to narrowing his focus.

“I’m looking at every school that has offered me and a bunch of schools that haven’t offered me too, like Alabama and LSU,” he explained. “I’m looking for academics, how long my scholarship will last and stuff like that. The actual football program – if they run the defense that I like. If they’re trying to keep me on defense and everything like that.”

Noting that he does not have a specific plan for how his recruitment will play out, McDowell stated that he does not expect to have a decision until sometime during his senior year.


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