CB Jourdan Lewis – Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech

We are revising our first take on Jourdan Lewis. We had the opportunity to see him perform at the Midwest Elite 7-on-7 Camp last month and came away feeling that he was a good solid athlete, but that he had a tendency to overcommit and often relied on jersey grabbing to make up for mistakes. While his technique and discipline does still need to improve, he is a much, much better athlete that we originally thought.

He still doesn’t have great size and will need to improve parts of his game, but his athleticism and some of the natural instincts in tracking the ball in flight were beyond impressive. One of the best moments we saw came in the morning session, when Lewis played wide receiver taking on rising junior teammate Damon Webb. The two battled each other through the route, with Lewis coming up with a spectacular diving grab to finish the play. He is definitely deserving of the high rankings that he has.

ATH Damon Webb – Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech

Having seen Webb twice now, the junior –to–be athlete is setting himself up very well to be ranked as a top-100 prospect for 2014. He was best known originally for his skills as a wide receiver, but he has really stood out on the camp circuit for his ability to play cornerback as well. He is nearly as impressive as Lewis in terms of athleticism, but relies less on jersey tugging, and also has significantly better height and build. And that is with a full year less of development.

The big question with Webb is where he will play in college. He could play wide receiver or cornerback, but even has the size to potentially play safety. He has stated that he doesn’t have a preference. If he sticks to that feeling, then we think colleges will likely target him for the cornerback position. At his size, he would just have more value in the secondary than at receiver. His only offer right now is from Toledo, but we expect that to change quickly.

OL David Dawson – Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech

This was our first chance to see Dawson perform since the Michigan summer camp last year. He has made significant improvements since that time, both physically and technically. On the physical side, he has been able to drop fat and add muscle to the point where he looks like he could play on the defensive line. He has also made some significant improvements to refine the technical points of his game as well.

In the one-on-ones, Dawson had some hits and misses. He performed best against players his own size, but struggled at times against smaller speed rushers on the edge. While he has enough athleticism to perform at tackle, we really like him best for his potential as a guard. Dawson himself has said that he has no preference as to where he plays.

OL Logan Tuley-Tillman – Peoria (Ill.)

Tuley-Tillman noted that he has lost a fair amount of weight recently, but still has some pounds to drop. The latter part of that statement was evident, though the improved conditioning appeared to help his game. He wasn’t as impressive as Dawson, but had a solid showing overall. There were some good reps and some not so good ones.

The biggest area for improvement right now remains conditioning. He has the feet and the athleticism to play at the Big Ten level, but he still needs to drop some fat and replace it with muscle.

Csont’e York – Harper Woods (Mich.) Chandler Park

York missed most of the morning session because of school, but participated in afternoon activities. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a great day. He ran his routes well and still showed the same speed and athleticism that gives him a lot of potential. The problem was that he struggled with catching the ball. There were a few tough catches he couldn’t come up with, but then also a few easier ones that he just dropped. As stated, he has potential, but he is still in the process of refining his game.

Shane Morris – Warren (Mich.) De La Salle

Morris only participated in morning activities, but looked sharp as always. By not participating in the afternoon seven-on-seven, there was less chance to evaluate him, but we have seen Morris perform on several occasions. He’s certainly worthy of the high rankings and accolades that he has received.


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