Jim Harbaugh Big Ten spring teleconference transcript
Written by Matt Pargoff   

The Big Ten held a teleconference on Wednesday featuring each of the coaches from the league, including Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh. Read up on what Harbaugh had to say.

On U-M’s most important recruiting area outside of Michigan:

“I care about all the United States of America. We look at ourselves as being miners. We’re out there panning for gold. Searching for gold nuggets. Good, better and best. Everywhere that they play football, that’s where we want to have a chance to evaluate and recruit. That’s the way we look at it. And I’d also say that the internet’s been very good, because there’s less and less players that are under the radar. Their video is able to be seen by everybody and that’s a great thing. So to answer your question, everywhere. As Johnny Cash would say, ‘everywhere man.’”

On how Wilton Speight has progressed with the changes to the offense:

“Looks good. Has progressed well. It’s very important to him. He’s ratchetting up his game as you’d expect in terms of the mental process and he’s hungry to learn more and more. It’s been impressive. He’s a very sharp individual.”

On how he’s adjusted to Pep Hamilton and their relationship:

“It’s been great. Pep brings so much energy. We’ve worked together before, but – I remember it, but I hadn’t remembered just how much energy he brings. It’s really unmatched by – well, I can’t really say that, because Don Brown brings so much energy too, and Tim Drevno and all of our coaches. But he’s at the highest, highest level. An 11 on a scale of 10. I guess I’m quoting Spinal Tap right now. I love working with him.”

On if there is anyone that will miss the Spring Game to injury or anyone that was out all spring:

“Grant Newsome. Nobody [else] is coming to mind right now.”

On if Grant Perry is not with the team:

“No, I didn’t say that.”

On if Perry has practiced:

“No, he hasn’t been practicing.”

On what he remembers from his time preparing for the NFL Draft:

“The thing that stands out is being drafted by the Chicago Bears on draft day. It was a while ago.”

On why he had previously said he was surprised to go in the first round:

“I had never heard from the Chicago Bears until draft day when they called and drafted me.”


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