Saban lets the media know how he really feels
Written by Matt Pargoff   

With Michigan’s much anticipated Sept. 1 season opener against Alabama in Arlington, Tex. on the minds of Maize and Blue faithful, we decided to take a look at the progress of the Crimson Tide early in fall camp.

Head coach Nick Saban seemed to start the week in a bit of a bad mood. On Sunday, he addressed the media in a press conference that lasted a little over 15 minutes. The first five minutes was an opening statement, which included what could best be described as a “rant” about his disdain for the media.

“I know you guys are going to have all these comparison questions,” said Saban in the opening statement. “Where are you ranked? How many games are you going to win? What’s going to happen to this player? Which guy is going to make the biggest impact on the team?

“All these predictions that you all make; they hijack the game. Because all anybody worries about in college football is the BCS. Who’s going to be in the final game. We’ve got a lot of great games – for our fans and for our players. Great competitive venues. Michigan game’s going to be a great game. Arkansas game, Tennessee game, LSU, Auburn – I could go through every game on our schedule and could say how exciting a game it’s going to be. And why do we play the games? To answer the questions. I don’t even know who our quarterback’s going to be the sixth game of the year, and nobody here can predict that! None of you can predict that.

“A.J. [McCarron’s] a good quarterback, but there could be circumstances that don’t allow him to play in the game. And you all want me to predict that. And then you all go and vote and have your polls and want me to respond to it. And also to individual players that I can’t make those predictions either.”

It might not have been a Mike Gundy rant, but still surprising to see a head coach start the season off that way with the press.

Saban was able to refocus his attention to team goals after those comments. For the most part, it was a pretty bland press conference full of a lot of general statements. But if anyone wants to watch the complete video, it can be viewed here. Or to read the complete transcript from that presser, with the rant portion omitted, it is available on the Alabama official site here. Just be warned – as noted, most of the comments are fairly general.

Alabama is working on a faster schedule than Michigan up to this point. The Crimson Tide completed five practices in five day, with the first padded practice coming on Tuesday. Practice sessions No. 6 and No. 7, also in full pads, were on Wednesday. Saban had praise on Tuesday for the leadership of his veteran players.

“I see a lot of guys making a lot of improvement,” said Saban. “I really think that some of the older guys – A.J. [McCarron] has been a great leader. [D.J. Fluker] has done a really good job.  Amari Cooper has done a really good job.

“There are a lot of guys out there that have done a really good job every day and showing consistency in performance, which I think is really important to being successful. Hopefully we’re going to get more and more guys that are able to do that as they gain knowledge and experience of what’s expected of them. I think when you have a young team, it takes a little while for some guys to figure that out.”

Video of Saban’s Tuesday press conference, shot by, can be seen below.


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