Borges praises Rawls' potential


With starting running back Fitzgerald Toussaint out for a yet undetermined amount of time, the Wolverines are looking at other options to fill the void. While fall camp has only just begun, the Michigan coaching staff already has its eyes on sophomore Thomas Rawls to see a greatly increased role this fall.

“We’re just going to the next guy; we’re not changing anything,” offensive coordinator Al Borges said today. “Thomas Rawls is going to be that next guy. Vince [Smith] is going to do what he’s done, and on we go. The key to these situations, from a game-plan perspective, is to make as little of it as you can.

“Thomas is going to get a good chance, Fitz is going to get a good chance, and Justice Hayes is in the fold, too. This next week or so, when the full contact takes hold, we’ll learn more about that situation.”

Borges went onto offer praise for Rawls based on what he saw of the young running back last fall and during the spring.

“He’s reckless,” said the offensive coordinator. “"He runs with a demeanor that’s aggressive. Suffice it to say aggressive would be the best word. He looks like he’s mad when he runs sometimes. He’s a tough guy. You hit him, you’re going to feel him, I promise you that. You are going to feel him. There are times he’s just simply not interested in avoiding you.”

Borges cautioned that it remains very early in practice and there is little that can be concluded from early showings.

“They’re just running around in shorts,” he said. “Until somebody’s going to hit somebody, and somebody’s going to do something, it’s really just glorified aerobics, in a lot of ways. I hate to put it that way, but we’ve got a few kids running pretty good. We’ll learn more today, because we’re in half pads. We’ll learn even more toward the end of the week. But to make any hard and fast assessments of where we are is really tough to do right now.”


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