Carr comments on playoff, Michigan, more
Written by Matt Pargoff   


Former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr made an appearance on ESPN’s College Football Live program this afternoon, commenting on a variety of matters. See what the Wolverines’ former leader had to say about adding a playoff to college football, Joe Paterno and Michigan with transcript from that television appearance.

On the addition of a playoff to college football:

“I think it’s certainly going to be a real change in the way things are done in college football. I think the fans are going to like it. I think there’s going to be a lot of pressure on that committee, because as I understand it, it’s strictly the committee that will make the decision. I think they’re going to have a difficult job, because there’s a lot of parity in college football.

“I do like the fact that they’re talking really about the strength of schedule being an important component of the system. I like that.”

On if he would be a part of the committee if asked:

“Absolutely. I don’t think anybody would turn that down, because it’s certainly a way to give back to the game. It certainly will be no easy task, but I think on the other hand it will be a lot of fun.”

On how he will remember Joe Paterno in light of the scandal at Penn State:

“I think you have to try to separate the two. I knew Joe as a competitor on the football field and in the meeting rooms down through the years. He was a larger than life figure. So I think to see his legacy be tarnished certainly, and maybe worse, is not something that anyone who knows him feels good about.”

On if Michigan football is “back” in his mind:

“It’s always back. I don’t think we’ve ever been away. I think Brady Hoke and his staff last year coming in with a new staff and a new philosophy, I think they did just a wonderful job. It was exciting a year ago to watch the way they played the game. I certainly feel good about where we are and where we’re going.


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